Camu Camu is a bush that grows in humid tropical forests of the Amazon. And is the richest natural source of vitamin C, which exists in nature . Contains 30 to 50 times more Vitamin C than oranges and other citrus fruits . Is not larger than cherry or plum, slightly sour taste . That's why people in Peru and Brazil, where it grows , it used to make jams, drinks and ice cream.

Can be found in the western and central regions of the Amazon , near water sources and wetlands . The flowers are small and white, sweet and pleasant fragrance.

Besides the huge amount of vitamin C, Camu Camu contains beta- carotene, iron, calcium , potassium, vitamin B, flavonoids and tanins, fibre and proteins. In addition it contains an adequate ammount of phosphor ( amino acid which can be synthesized only in a human with high frequency characteristics , is formed in the liver) , serine ( acid which affect intercellular connections) , thiamine ( vitamin which acting on carbohydrates and fats ) , valine ( amino acid that affects the formation of a tissue ) , ellagic acid ( a compound which affects the overall development of the organism, it is believed that it prevents the formation of cancer cells ) , and phosphorus is fully utilized in the body and your brain. . We note that the combination of vitamins and minerals subject to the energy activity of this plant (which actually is the energy) allow it to maintain and even enhance its beneficial functions after penetrate the body.

Fruits of Camu Camu been used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon for hundreds of years - useful and are easily portable . In addition to food , the Indians used the Camu Camu as analgesic and antiseptic.

 Indigenous peoples from the Amazon traditionally harvested the fruits of Camu Camu season , dry them and use them for medicinal purposes throughout the rest of the year. Most countries outside the Amazon basin using a dry powder that is made from dehydrated juice of the fruit.

The powder is pleasant and slightly sour- tart taste .

Useful properties :

- Strengthens the immune system. - Improves eyesight can bring protection against cataracts , glaucoma and other eye diseases. - Your brain .

- Improves blood. - Powered uterus. - There are anti-inflammatory effect helps prevent migraine headaches .

- Antimutagenic fruits help prevent of genetic mutations involved in the formation of cancers . - Increases the chances of the body for conception.

- Adjust weight and metabolism. - Rich in antioxidants - quench the radical DPPH. - Slow the natural aging process. - Keep the skin young . - Protects against viral infections. - Supports strong collagen, joints and ligaments .

- Improves lung health . - Regulates blood pressure.

- Helps to maintain optimal clarity of mind in case of stress and anxiety . - Supports brain function , eyes, heart, liver and skin.

Camu Camu fruit of the most recommended among the plants for the treatment of asthma , atherosclerosis , colds , edema , gingivitis , hepatitis, ostereoartrit , analgesic effect. Has a good effect on depression and Antimutagenic action , antiviral activity , a good antioxidant. Overall, the combination of vitamins and minerals, keeps the body in a good shape , and restores the damaged cells.

Health Benefits of Kamu Kamu

    It is a powerful antioxidant. The large amount of vitamin C helps in treating colds and flu , as well as fight or prevent other viruses and bacteria. It is essential for the immune system. Antioxidants prevent damage of the DNA from free radicals, which helps preventing diseases. Kamu Kamu has many sources of natural vitamin C, which collaborate to protect the nervous system and help to achieve the tip of mental abilities. Consuming foods famous of nourishing the brain can prevent or even impact the accumulation of plaque, which is associated with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia. 

Vitamin C is crucial for a person’s health. People cannot produce vitamin C unlike many other species therefor we must consume it by foods. Consuming the full spectrum vitamin C from natural plant sources like Kamu Kamu provides additional nutrients that improve the absorption of vitamin C unlike the synthetic sources, which makes it far more bioavailable and effective.

In addition to strengthening the immune system Kamu Kamu is used to improve energy and mood. It is good for the gums, eyes, nails, skin and hair. Kamu Kamu maintains healthy liver and fights with infertility in both men and women. It is considered also to cure herpes. It is beneficial for supporting brain serotonin levels to improve sleep, memory and mood. It provides general support for the overall system and improves vision, prevents cataracts and glaucoma. Some studies suggest that it might be useful as relieve of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Kamu Kamu is an anti-virus (fights colds and flu), anti-inflammatory (relieves arthritis and other inflammatory diseases) antisclerosis (prevents the accumulation of plaque in the arteries), a powerful antioxidant (protects cells), antiseptic (kills bacteria), anti-mutagenic (prevents genetic mutations that cause cancer), hypotensive (reduce blood pressure) antiltserozno, antigingivitno (fight gingivitis), anti-hepatitis (prevents liver disease) and an antidepressant.

Anti-inflammatory properties of Kamu Kamu make it a useful addition to the joints, as it helps to restore the ligaments and tendons, and joints and cartilage by supporting the collagen production.

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